The value and use value of iphone

Every commodity has its value and use value. Value is invisible, intangible, and it is the product of the human abstract labor, is the embodiment of the social attributes of goods. Use value is all products have a common attribute of, the goods to meet people’s needs certain attributes, it reflects the nature of the goods and can through a combination of shape, color, texture and other elements to the consumer to bring the feeling of beauty, so that the spiritual satisfaction.designer iphone6 case brand ┬áTo mobile phone, for example, in January 9, 2007, people just put the phone as a mobile phone can be held at any time in the hands of the phone, and did not put it as one can bring the beauty of things. However, this day, the CEO of the Apple Corp Steve Jobs announced the launch of iPhone. IPhone mobile phone touch screen iPad and Internet communication device integration, to create a new era of mobile devices. Subsequently, iPhone swept the world, it in addition to bring people to enjoy the high-tech, but also to bring the “beauty” of the visual experience. leather iphone6 covers online The iPhone’s design not only in the shape and function of the premier, mad pursuit of consumers, but also the industry of mobile phone accessories production has brought great benefits, the popularity of Apple’s mobile phone shell is a typical example. There are many reasons for the success of iPhone, the most important one is to give it the value of the designers at the same time, through the creative design and make it a very high value added. The creative design of Apple’s mobile phone shell not only selects a number of creative elements, but also from the perspective of ecology to express concern about the human environment and the natural environment.