Apple phone shell design and DIY production

With the intensification of globalization, a variety of cultural collision, convergence, integration, which gives the creative design has created a very favorable conditions. It is no exaggeration to say that the present people are in a creative society. In this society, everywhere is brimming with the creative flame, people only through the programming of the mind, will produce one is intending to results. Therefore, the use of creative elements of the packaging design, can not only focus on the superficial visual performance, but also can not mechanically put creative elements together on the packaging. A true creative design should be a process of re combining many possibilities into a work through people’s personal experience. Apple phone shell design and DIY production are all belong to this category. designer iphone 6 cases for sale Apple mobile phone shell will be known as the Japanese cartoon Doraemon “pirate king” My Neighbor Totoro cartoon image, the Walt Disney animation characters mermaid princess, stitch and small horse Polly, the French luxury goods logo Louis Vuitton, Chanel, China Peking Opera the common, but the image as a mobile phone shell pattern elements, through the designer’s thinking, finally to make a creative works. The designers of Apple’s mobile phone shell sometimes even reflect the social hot issues in the design of mobile phone shell. Designer is the Diaoyu Islands event as a creative element, the production of a unique mobile phone shell, reflecting the high attention of the designers of the human environment. Sometimes, in order to increase the uniqueness and beauty of the phone shell, the designer will also be decorated with three-dimensional dolls on Apple’s mobile phone shell, so as to make its appearance 3D visual effects.designer iphone 6 cases free shipping Apple phone shell creative design into the people’s intelligence quotient, emotional quotient and aesthetic taste, and thus has a high aesthetic value. Apple’s mobile phone shell creative design brought about by the hot sales, in the history of the development of China’s mobile phone accessories industry, called a miracle. Using a variety of creative elements arising in the design results, is the iPhone mobile phone shell with a significant difference in the aesthetic features of other brand mobile phone shell, is the characteristics of the apple brand has great changes.