Introduce the best iphone case I like

At the first of this article,before I introduce some beautiful iphone for you,I want introduce the iphone6. Apple’s new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Plus might look the same as last year’s models, but there are tons of changes behind the scenes. leather and better  iphone 6s cases In fact, in our in-depth iPhone 6s review, we said that this year’s iPhone upgrade is Apple’s biggest iPhone upgrade ever compared to the prior year, which is pretty crazy considering 2015 is an “S” year. The iPhone 6s is faster than its predecessor, it has a much better camera, it’s packed full of new features, and it’s stronger as well thanks to new 7000 Series aluminum and a stronger glass display cover.I love the look and especially the smell of the leather. It feels authentic though there’s obviously something inserted in between the stitching for the front and back to stiffen up the case a bit. designer iphone6 cases online One part that remains flimsy on purpose is the side so it can fold over. Built in are also covers for the volume up and down buttons, but they don’t work very well. This part of the case doesn’t press against the iPhone enough to properly align, but that’s on purpose.This small side flap is also used for wrapping around the cord for your earbuds or headphones. I don’t see why you wouldn’t also be able to wrap around your charging cable too. The space between the case and the phone is so the cords can fit through. I imagine this is super handy for travelers to nicely pair earbuds with iPhone at all times.You know,if you possess a iphone6,you must need a elegant iphone case which can show your status and you good taste.Echocardiography action,If you want to possess a suirable iphone case ,please come with me!We will never let you down!


important iPhone innovations of all time

Apple doesn’t always come up with new smartphone innovations first — in fact, it’s often followed behind flagship Android phones in several different areas, most notably in the realm of bigger screen sizes. That doesn’t mean Apple hasn’t produced anything innovative since releasing the first iPhone, however. Below we’ll go through the five key innovations that Apple got to first and discuss their impact on the smartphone industry as a whole.cheaper iphone6 case on sale

All told, the most significant iPhone innovation might have been one of its earliest. The iOS App Store, first unveiled in 2008, integrated with the iTunes Store to give users a simple way to buy and download applications onto their devices. This is what transformed the iPhone from a completely walled-off device into a major new platform for software developers. In its wake, Google followed suit with its own Android app store (now called Google Play) and BlackBerry came out with its BlackBerry World store.beautiful leather ihone case brand

Looking at the even bigger picture, the App Store was also what started drawing software developers away from creating programs for Windows desktop and laptop computers and toward creating software for mobile devices. The mobile revolution didn’t really start with the first iPhone — it started with the App Store.

How often do you use Siri? Or any other voice-enabled assistant for that matter? Even though many iPhone users almost never use it, Siri was still a major first for the iPhone and was followed quickly by Android’s own Google Now software and then years later by Microsoft’s Cortana for Windows. Regardless of how you feel about Siri, it really did open the door for mainstream voice-centered computing that will prove to be especially useful for Apple as it sets out on its ambitious project to build its own car.

The History of Louis Vuittion Iphone Cases Production

Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has developed from generation to generation, to excellent quality, outstanding creative craftsmanship and become a symbol of fashion art of travel. Products, including handbags, travel goods, small leather goods, accessories, shoes, clothing, watches, fine jewelry and personalized customized services. leather iphone covers online In 1896, Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas debut, declared the brand fashionable appearance, its unique creativity has become the classic symbol of; with popular cruise travel, 1901 launched the steamer bag, marking the official arrival of the era of travel soft bag; 1924 keep all bag, changing the travel weight and packaging, make a short impromptu travel more relaxed and graceful; in 1997, with the art director Marc Jacobs to join, Louis Vuitton will its superb technology and unique luxury extends to wear, shoes, watches, accessories and jewelry boutique, for customers in the traditional French into the fashionable colors.

Many people may not know that LV also have iphone cases, and many of those which we see in the street are not real ones. Fashion IT brand with the diversified development of the market. For mobile phone brand and function increased and diversified, the mobile phone protection case quality assigned leather, silicone, fabric, hard plastic, plastic soft, velvet, silk and other leather iphone covers sale Mobile phone protection case not only as an ornament to make your mobile phone to become a landscape, but also to protect your mobile phone, anti fall, waterproof and shock! With the popularity of mobile phones in the young community, almost every pursuit of fashion young people want to have a unique mobile phone. To cell phone beauty has gradually become a way to show their personality. In order to cater to this trend, mobile phone manufacturers have introduced a number of more sophisticated work, color patterns more unique products. This makes the type of mobile phone protection set more diversified.