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For luxury goods, back decades, understanding of the Chinese people should is simple “expensive”, but in fact, luxury is indeed have a certain height in the price, but most is meet the consumers a on product quality pursuit. cheap iphone 5s cases online The people in society is also a minority, especially now that the wealth of the Yin people in, for the pursuit of luxury than ever more and more strongly. They will pay a high price to buy luxury goods. The value of feedback, of course, so that consumers are satisfied. From the advent of Louis Vuitton in 1854, luxury brand is spiralling out of control, Chanel, Dior, Armani, Gucci, etc. have entered the the world. But “LV” these two letters are deeply branded in the minds of consumers. Go to France, in addition to watch those places of interest, the most estimated at the LV’s flagship store at the door. Over time, the consumer’s aesthetic and consumer attitudes are changing, but the obsession with LV has not diminished. Often concerned about the LV mobile phone case news friends should be some of the brand image, LV company launched the world’s first luxury mobile phone case company.leather and better  iphone 6s cases  And you will find that the cell phone case has been seen since the general design basically no change, can do is also in the case material, color and mosaic technology to change. A few days ago, LV and Japan’s national treasure level of folk arts and crafts artists, teamed up to create a set of collection level mobile case Signature”. Spring, summer, autumn and winter for the design of the source, the introduction of a limited edition of each season. The reason named lucky, just want to get good prayers in this memorable day, as the anniversary of the opening of the first anniversary of the LV Ginza flagship store, this phone is priced at 20 million yen per.

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Apple today announced its very own battery cases for the iPhone 6 and 6S. And where Apple design chief and crew may have seen a practical way to improve the devices’ longevity, the rest of the world saw a terribly designed case — one that makes your smartphone look as if it’s undergoing some type of painful evolution into a crappier product. The case is another misfire from the company often lauded for its revelatory design and just the latest instance in a series of confounding Apple hardware decisions. cheap online cases sydney

It’s not that Apple is ruining its core products — the iPhone is still as gorgeous as ever, and many Mac and iOS accessories still look and feel like premium, well-made tech. But increasingly Apple products seem to come with compromises that make you wonder what the company was thinking when the idea was pushed through the countless iterations in its design process.cases for iphone 5 australia

Any design of apple are carefully considered, even the packaging will make people feel its value. From neatly packaged power lines to a smooth inner layer, every cloth that opens the package is pleasant. Apple in every customer contacts are consistent, from the Jobs Steve new product release presentation, to the Apple’s website, and its products. The brand gives people a sense of cleanliness and organization. In the high-tech industry, it’s a pleasure. On the current situation, the market of mobile phone protection case, the material has many kinds of, the most common is soft (silica gel, TPU) plastic, hard plastic (PC, ABS, PP), metal, leather, and some special materials — such as carbon fiber, bamboo, wood and so on.

I believe Apple is not simply the product packaging design is very beautiful, to each product with a very good Logo. Its uniqueness lies in its unexpected place, in an unusual way to distinguish itself from others, and will not affect the customer’s experience to enjoy.