New technology on iphone case

Do you know the new technology and design on Iphone Cases?IPhone introduced a new user interface based on large multi touch screen and leading new software, allowing users to control the iPhone with your fingers. IPhone also created a new era of mobile device software cutting-edge features, to redefine the function of the mobile phone. Many people wonder why some people will not be 1000 ~ 2000 yuan or even higher prices to buy iPhone mobile phone case? In the end it “beauty” where consumers can make thousands on thousands of these people are crazy for it? In the pursuit of what? Investigate its reason, mainly lies in its creative design. IPhone mobile phone case creative design is reflected in the meaning, color and materials and other aspects, and the different ideas of the iPhone mobile phone case can reflect the different groups of the presence of “beauty”. iphone case leather brand 

The bigger they come, the harder they fall. Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus sports a 5.5-inch display and that rounded body looks potentially slippery to us. It’s a slim device and even with the promise of “ion-strengthened” glass we can already hear the sound of cracking displays as they hit the sidewalk. Why take the chance? Peruse the iPhone 6 Plus cases that are flooding onto the market and get the style and protection you need.protective cheap iphone case online 

、This successor to the Access Case maintains the same stylish appeal as the original, but now comes in more colors and with some small changes to the overall design. The Access Case 2 is made using elegant, vegetable-tanned, Italian leather that’s also water-resistant, and features a rubber pad on the inside that’s covered with suction cups so you’re iPhone will stay in place. Magnetic shielding protects the device from outside interference, while the soft microfiber lining keeps it safe and residue-free. An inner pocket also holds credits cards or your driver’s license. The Access Case 2 has two cover variants, too, for people who like cases that open horizontally or vertically.