The Multi-Function of Iphone Cases

Steve Jobs, President of Apple Computer Inc, announced the official release of the iPhone statement: “we re invented the phone”. This marks the mobile phone revolution into a new era, the mobile phone becomes more and more powerful. iphone seems to change the concept of the phone, with the other phone can not match the powerful features of the. cheap iphone 6 cases And the phone is also gradually being phased out, many reported that the mobile phone is a mobile terminal. September 25, 2010, iPhone mobile phone officially sold in mainland china. Really led to a shares “Apple’s hot” trend, now to introduce apple and the mobile phone industry market, Apple’s new iPhone target market selection and product positioning is analyzed, and pointed out that a major competitive advantage for apple and the iPhone. Mobile phone protection case as a partner of the phone, in the beginning of the main used to protect the phone, to prevent the phone broke, scraping and other aspects. Now due to mobile work more and more sophisticated, most people are doubly cherish, so people can not only simply requirements love machine protection, the protective case as your clothes, constantly changing different styles...designer iphone cases  How to choose the right to protect the case is a very difficult thing in the money at hand is not particularly much time, can only choose one of the two, can not love who is who. In fact, choosing iPhone cases is a very annoying thing, a person has a lot of beauty or handsome guy to live and die in the non gentleman does not marry non gentleman does not marry the pain is not inferior to the lovelorn suffering.

How to choose a beautiful iphone case

For luxury goods, back decades, understanding of the Chinese people should is simple “expensive”, but in fact, luxury is indeed have a certain height in the price, but most is meet the consumers a on product quality pursuit. cheap iphone 5s cases online The people in society is also a minority, especially now that the wealth of the Yin people in, for the pursuit of luxury than ever more and more strongly. They will pay a high price to buy luxury goods. The value of feedback, of course, so that consumers are satisfied. From the advent of Louis Vuitton in 1854, luxury brand is spiralling out of control, Chanel, Dior, Armani, Gucci, etc. have entered the the world. But “LV” these two letters are deeply branded in the minds of consumers. Go to France, in addition to watch those places of interest, the most estimated at the LV’s flagship store at the door. Over time, the consumer’s aesthetic and consumer attitudes are changing, but the obsession with LV has not diminished. Often concerned about the LV mobile phone case news friends should be some of the brand image, LV company launched the world’s first luxury mobile phone case company.leather and better  iphone 6s cases  And you will find that the cell phone case has been seen since the general design basically no change, can do is also in the case material, color and mosaic technology to change. A few days ago, LV and Japan’s national treasure level of folk arts and crafts artists, teamed up to create a set of collection level mobile case Signature”. Spring, summer, autumn and winter for the design of the source, the introduction of a limited edition of each season. The reason named lucky, just want to get good prayers in this memorable day, as the anniversary of the opening of the first anniversary of the LV Ginza flagship store, this phone is priced at 20 million yen per.

Introducing the Leather iPhone5 Case for you

Like most other companies, Apple introduced some official case accessories for its new iPhones at the same time it announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. For its larger phablet, the company has both a silicon case and (for a slight premium over the silicon case) a leather protective case. Unlike Samsung who used the case to introduce a new feature (the S View case is a clear example of this), the iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case is just that – it provides protection to the rear and sides of your iPhone 6 Plus but not to the screen so you’ll probably want a screen protector as iphone 5s cases online

New leather styles for the iPhone case collection – the vintage-inspired Leather Frame Case and the Leather Folio – for the iPhone 5s. From including the patent-pending metallized frame and unique application of leather inlays. has a two-piece interlocking construction that offers a clean, minimalist design, while providing substantial protection to the outer bezel of the iPhone 5. leather iphone covers online The metallized frame, with its inlays of genuine full-grain leather, elegantly showcases your phone, providing an unparalleled level of craftsmanship. Installation is by way of an easy, two-piece locking mechanism. The Leather Frame Case is available in two color combinations: pewter/gunmetal and white/gold for $39.95. iPhone case features a timeless aesthetic exterior crafted with high quality materials

iPhone Case acts as an iPhone case and wallet all in one with it’s integrated interior card pocket. The Leather Folio is genuine full-grain leather on the exterior with a soft suede interior to protect the iPhone display. The Leather Folio features front, back, and side protection of the device, easy snap-in installation, and full access to all buttons and portsincluding the award-winning Leather Wrap Case, continue to evolve and expand through the pursuit of specialty materials, spirited color combinations, and unique finishes.


Come to choose beautiful wallet iphone case

Carrying both a wallet and an iPhone is by no means a massive inconvenience for an average person, but why not kill two birds with one stone? Besides, you’re going to get a case anyway, right? Whatever your preferences, there is a wallet case out there for you. The price range is vast, and the optional features are nigh-on endless. In fact, there’s more variety in this genre of cases than any other I’ve ever seen.designer iphone 6 cases free shipping  Nowaday iphone case have many new design,and I like the wallet iphone case very much. The wallet is designed and constructed to protect your iPhone 6 while keeping it at hand and to complete your sharp look. You don’t need to lug around a giant lump in your pocket, though. Plenty of case manufacturers produce a variety of protective accessories with a little extra room for the most essential elements from your walletThe services like ApplePay and Google Wallet slowly gaining mainstream adoption, we’re well on our way to phasing out wallets designer iphone cases Almost everything you need is already on your phone, but not everything just yet, sadly. For now, most of us still need to carry a driver’s license, credit cards, and membership cards around in our wallets. Even so, numerous iPhone cases are now being built with wallet functionality in mind.It’s not exactly the all-digital future we wanted, but at least with a wallet case, you can keep everything neatly in a single pocket. You’ll have one less thing to tote around all day, and offer up one less avenue for pickpockets. Are you sold on the idea? I thought so. Let’s jump in, and look at some of the best wallet cases for the iPhone 6.


Cheap and beautiful Australia iphone case on sale


There’s good and bad to a new iPhone design for those in the business of protecting our handsets from our drunken drops and toddler bobbles. Companies have to scramble to design their new cases and get them on shelves, with the obvious benefit that people’s old cases no longer fit, meaning they have to buy new designer iphone cases

Any design of apple are carefully considered, even the packaging will make people feel its value. From neatly packaged power lines to a smooth inner layer, every cloth that opens the package is pleasant. Apple in every customer contacts are consistent, from the Jobs Steve new product release presentation, to the Apple’s website, and its products. The brand gives people a sense of cleanliness and organization. In the high-tech industry, it’s a pleasure

IPhone introduced a new user interface based on large multi touch screen and leading new software, allowing users to control the iPhone with your fingers. IPhone also created a new era of mobile device software cutting-edge features, to redefine the function of the mobile phone. IPhone is a handheld device that combines a camera phone, a personal digital assistant, a media player, and a wireless communication device.designer iphone 6 covers australia

IPhone case that is designed to tell the user when any information is being transmitted from their mobile.The phone-mounted battery case contains a measurement tool to constantly check on whether the handset’s internal antennae are sending signals.

The new iPhone case has been designed based on the assumption that ‘a phone can and will be compromised’

And The final design of the case is also likely to include a feature that enables the user to selectively obscure the phone’s cameras so that they are unable to give away any location data. While the first models will be aimed squarely at reporters working in hostile environments, the case could eventually be made available to all smartphone users.





Show you the best leather iphone case

Apple today announced its very own battery cases for the iPhone 6 and 6S. And where Apple design chief and crew may have seen a practical way to improve the devices’ longevity, the rest of the world saw a terribly designed case — one that makes your smartphone look as if it’s undergoing some type of painful evolution into a crappier product. The case is another misfire from the company often lauded for its revelatory design and just the latest instance in a series of confounding Apple hardware decisions. cheap online cases sydney

It’s not that Apple is ruining its core products — the iPhone is still as gorgeous as ever, and many Mac and iOS accessories still look and feel like premium, well-made tech. But increasingly Apple products seem to come with compromises that make you wonder what the company was thinking when the idea was pushed through the countless iterations in its design process.cases for iphone 5 australia

Any design of apple are carefully considered, even the packaging will make people feel its value. From neatly packaged power lines to a smooth inner layer, every cloth that opens the package is pleasant. Apple in every customer contacts are consistent, from the Jobs Steve new product release presentation, to the Apple’s website, and its products. The brand gives people a sense of cleanliness and organization. In the high-tech industry, it’s a pleasure. On the current situation, the market of mobile phone protection case, the material has many kinds of, the most common is soft (silica gel, TPU) plastic, hard plastic (PC, ABS, PP), metal, leather, and some special materials — such as carbon fiber, bamboo, wood and so on.

I believe Apple is not simply the product packaging design is very beautiful, to each product with a very good Logo. Its uniqueness lies in its unexpected place, in an unusual way to distinguish itself from others, and will not affect the customer’s experience to enjoy.

DESIGER IPHONE CASE Online Free Shipping

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the latest in a line of Apple phones stretching back to the original in 2007. Year after year, release after release, they’ve grown bigger, faster, more powerful, and better. You can see it in the specs and feel it in the experience. Now, some people believe specs mean everything. That you can sum up any phone, any device, by the rows on a spreadsheet. Other people believe specs mean nothing. That it is experience and experience alone that defines a device.cheaper Desiger  iphone 6 case The truth, as is often the case, lies smack in between. Specs matter in that they’re needed to deliver an experience. If the specs aren’t sufficient, the experience will suffer. If they specs aren’t utilized, then they don’t matter. Since Apple uniquely controls everything from the chipset to the software and services, they’re best positioned to wring every ounce of experience out of their specs. So, with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, what are those specs?

The creative design of the iphonec6 case selected a creative elements, It is not the same as any mobile phone that Apple company producr before. It change the shape that iphpne use to be and become the new fashion among the Moline phone market .cheaper Desiger  iphone 6 case 

And with the popurlality of iphone6,the desige of iphone6 case also become popurlar.In order to express rich connotation, novelty, anomaly, seeking the odd color collocation, health, environmental protection, materials selection, design and production of the variety of mobile phone case, satisfy the consumers, the pursuit of individuality and realize psychological needs. Apple’s mobile phone case hot sales show that the prospect of creative design.

The most important reason is to give it the value of the designers at the same time, through the creative design and make it a very high value added. The creative design of Apple’s mobile phone shell not only selects a number of creative elements, but also from the perspective of ecology to express concern about the natural environment.


Leather iphone cases For Sale

A good and excellent Classy iphone case will add more color, in other words, it could help your iphone more unique than others. For example, you could find your iphone quickly among lots of iphone. That is because you choose a different iphone cases. As for the material of the iphone cases, here are more iphone cases, and the author would like to introduce you the common and oldest style one, which is called leather iphone cases.


Some people will choose the plastic material ones, because it is much cheaper and the decoration of the cases is beautiful. While other people sometimes will choose the leather iphone cases. It is according to your favorite style. As for the observe of the most holders of iphone cases, the author find out that most young pay their attention to the plastic iphone cases. There are some common reasons. The first one is that the plastic material is cheaper both in cost and freight. The second reason is that the plastic cases are more colorful. It has more potential to decorate. Therefore, the plastic one attracts the young generation, While, the leather iphone cases also have their markets. They are appeasing to the middle-aged customers.

Here the author writes down some reasonable reasons. The first one is that the leather made iphone cases looks more mature and the touch is soft. As people grows into middle-age, their personality come into a very soft situation. And they are more agreeable with the soft materials. The second reason is that leather made iphone cases symbolize the mature and middle class. As the people grow into middle-aged situation, they have got the reputation more or less both in their own careers. Of course, they are rich. They are very suit for the meaning of leather.

The second reason of why middle-aged customers will choose leather rather than plastic is that the leather made iphone cases are high in price. The middle-aged people have more money than the young generation. The leather must keep their owners identity. If they are in high position in their career, they could buy the very good leather made iphone cases, to be honest, while the young could not afford that.

In a word, a suitable iphone case is a plus to ones appreciation. Therefore, how to choose a iphone case is quite important, because, it will help you to impress others in some specific situation.

Leather iphone cases not only help you to impress others, but also help you to show your mature style. That means you grow into another stage of your life. When other people have a look at your iphone case, they will understand in a minute that the person in front of them is a person who is mature and independent and full of responsibility.

Hope you enjoy the leather designer iphone cases, and also hope the leather iphone cases help you to impress others in a good way.

Various Price of iphone Cases According to Brands

In our daily life, many people could not live without mobile phones in the 21 century, especially with the development of wechat and QQ, some younger rather to get in touch with wechat than calling phone numbers, and the older one imitate the youth for the reason of being catch with the fashion iphone cases .

Then, iphone cases manufactory bumps in and the price of official version vary from ten RMB to hundreds RMB according to different brand of iphone cases.

Let me give you a rough introduction of the affordable price and you can have a clear specific notion of the iphone cases marker.

The first one wanted to bring it to you is Samsung. The phones of this company accepted by local customer quite well in the past time until iphone came to China market, for which has almost been a common phone used by every family members.

The price of the cases of Samsung varies from 10 to 500; the reference is from Taobao website. Samsung came from Korea, but the iphone cases are made in China, therefore the price is not quite high. However, if you want to get a official made iphone cases, the price might be beyond your budgets. As for the outlook of the cases, simplification, line design is the favorite style of Samsung designers. Which are other words, the 500 price is a little bit high for new worker labors.

So how about choosing local phones?

Xiaomi Company is a new company, and his sales method differs from traditional company. The Company promotes his new product with starvation marketing, in that he gives a great discount online but the number is limited. Then, countless potential consumers waiting to “grab” the discount number on the front of the computers.

Rightly, the price of this phone is affordable for most workers, then, to promote other derivative products, for example iphone cases, the price are also around 7 to 70. That is suitable for most Chinese workers, like new work labors, the middle aged couples for they are under pressure of child-raise, and even old generation for they have been experienced the hardest time of the reform of China.

To draw a conclusion, the price of designer cheap iphone cases is variable; customers have the methods and ability to get what they like. What matters is what you want to choose rather which price you need to consider, for you can get the same style from total opposite price.